Many migrants go abroad primarily or only to earn money and send part of it (often a substantial part) to their families in their countries of origin. Such money are called remittances - but remittances are not only money or goods, we can also talk about social remittances. Social remittances are social and cultural aspects related to migrants' gain from their migration experience. In our research on this issue, we follow several research questions, such are: what is the structure of remittances? What's their size and how often are they sent? Who sends remittances and to whom? How are remittances used?

We had two main research projects on this topic:

- Migration and development – economic, social and socio-economic impacts of migration on the Czech Republic, as migration target country, and Ukraine, as migration source country (with a specific focus on the analysis of remittances), 2010-2012, funded by the Czech Grant Agency (GA ČR)

- Managing migration through global partnership: a case-study, 2014-2015, funded by the Hong Kong Baptist University Faculty Research Grant  FRG1/13-14/052